Our networking solutions focus on Layer 2 – Data Link, Layer 3 –Network level and Layer 4 – Transport level infrastructure in order to optimize the capability to support multimedia, video, telephony and web services applications.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Voice Switching and Routing
  • Data Switching and Routing
  • V-LAN’s
  • Firewalls
  • LAN/WAN Network Design
  • Network Management Systems

Wired Solutions


Telinks maintains a high standard to deliver robust and flexible internet-working solutions. Management solutions incorporated into the design are an important aspect of future-proofing the company’s data backbone and allows for rapid problem resolutions if they arise.

We ensure to provide a scalable yet cost effective network implementation as we understand the solution from a business perspective; balancing the requirements within the allocated budget.

This policy allows us to provide a professional service that ensures the network can be extended further with the addition of emerging technologies.

Wireless Solutions

wireless-networking-solution3 copy

The past decade has brought the true realization of the world’s reliability and dependability on wireless technologies. Telinks’ aim is to provide a solid wireless network solution to support this increase in demand on the resources of business network.

This fundamental change to the way data networking and telecommunication is thought of must be met with seamlessly designing a reliable and integrated network.

Companies are continuously looking to new wireless solutions to alleviate their need on slow and less secure legacy wired networks that constrain them today. Telinks will evaluate, quote and install a reliable high speed wireless network that will suit your needs and have enough flexibility for the expected wireless load increase that will occur in the years to come.